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Born in Brussels, Graffiti artist. Parole is a self-educated artist, refusing to be assigned or confined to the title of expert or specialist. His work is multi-faceted, at the cross roads of culture, and draws upon the use of many skills and tools. He conceives his work like a collective history, with meetings and partnerships, both sharing and resisting. He basically acts like a man with no boundaries; turning left and right, bobbing up and down. Parole reflecting upon meaningful distortions
Developing spontaneous writings, more gesturally than textually, twists, reforms, knead and mixes up the letters enough to make them illegible. It turns them into an opaque of all the readings, makes them resistant to codes of status, and produces inter-subjective communication conventions.
Bursts of spontaneous speeches empty of ‘foil’, a product of unpredictable emotions and of the clashing of letters that produce something new. This approach is at the cross roads. In the form of a knot, draws reference to between the different forms of understanding and taking ownership of our world.

The works of Sina Hensel start with rather simple questions or ideas, for example „Why do we see a blue sky?“. From there she develops a research that mainly results in paintings, but also installations of different media. The aim is not to tell a story. Her work is rather about capturing certain atmospheres and subtle, sophisticated moods, which are evoked by different places, seasons and also the different times of day. She achieves the concrete by starting from the abstract, the real by starting from the idea. The viewer is invited to take in the impressions provided by her research, to concentrate on this most shy form of tangible sensation and let them alter their way of perceiving the surrounding world.
The observation of places and weathers besides their beautiful colors and states also serves as a process of positioning, to be able to answer the question „Where do I find myself at the moment?“ and to turn one‘s attention to the present moment. Hensel‘s work seeks for the awareness of being here and nowhere else, doing this and not something else, now and not always or never. -Ferjal Nahad

(sono = sound, øren = ears)
A project by Andri Søren, about taking sounds from ordinary life and making songs, soundscapes and soundtracks from them.
There's no particular genre or style as each is born out of a particular mood or moment.



Painting / Video / Music

Performance by Sonøren 8th of April
Exhibition 8th – 24th of April, 2016

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