Thomas Dessein, at the time a student at ISAC occupied HIDDEN as resident artist in order to develop his creative research :

FAÏENCE is a project born out of interest in the notions of “non-verbal communications” and “proxemics'” terminology of psychological and ethnological origin. An estimated 55% of communication is through body language, which in turn is greatly influenced by placement in shared space. What then happens when we attempt, in silence and divided by glass, to create a new form of exchange, new codes? To create a game without rules, without prerequisites? What emotions are present that do not need words or gestures? How do they manifest? Do pre-signs exist that can be understood despite culture or habit? During this residency it is the space “in-between” that will be in question; this mysterious place, fragile, heavy of countless information. It all starts with two performers in stand-off...

« It is impossible not to communicate»




1st - 5th of February, 2016

Thomas Dessein