Foreseen is a project based in Brussels, which brings together several people united by the same desire to think about the production and promotion of artists in a conscious and collective manner. Foreseen offers a favorable time & space to young artists and a dialogue outside the academic setting.

The Foreseen's curatorial activity is organized around three areas where participate and exchange artists, professionals, and the public. It's a residential, group exhibitions and parties project.

The aim is to project into the future the work of practitioners through the efforts and a dialogue established with the various participants. Foreseen emphasizes honesty practices, presence, and proximity with every actors to build a real exchange on an equal footing.

Lény Bernay (born in Creil, 1988) is an artist in the largest sense of the word. On Lény Bernay's online platform, you can find a series of collaborations that seem, in themselves, to be a major obsessions in his work. In each there is a question of loss of control, of something that occurs in the dark part of what we may perceive. Derealization, Incarnation, Magic, Desire, are played in erratic narrations. He developed several solo musical pieces, collectives, improvised, transcendental and technological such as; Our Fortress, alongside Christelle Bonnet. During his studies at Bordeaux Fine Arts Academy (2006-2011), he founded the collective of artists, architects and pastry bakers Dispersion with which he developed several complex events and machines; Neptune_HDD at the CAPC (Bordeaux) and Foam Machine for the prize of Sciences Po' (Paris). He also co-directed the noise, post-rave / apocalypse feature film Wakanda and focuses, amongst other things, on the possibility of « explosive landscaping » with architect Martin Deck-Roussel. Dispersion, Wakanda, Our Fortress, Sex Body Ache, Demeure & Jardin hectic and living collaborations as much as they are projects that Lény places under the umbrella of his statement "With No Future Everything is Possible".



Installation / Sculpture / Sound / Performance / Photography / Video

19th - 23rd of February, 2016

The Foreseen Project
Emilie Pischedda
With No Future Everything is Possible (Leny Bernay)