As another exhibition space closes its doors (both symbolically and physically) I'd like to thank everyone that made the HIDDEN project possible. To all of the artists that breathed life into the empty walls, I hope your participation allowed for more doors and windows to open. To the administrative bodies that allowed occupancy of the space, that this inspire support for similar initiatives. And to all the eager public and curious passers-by, thank you for taking the time to stop and admire, we hope to have injected a little more creativity into your landscape.

After ten months months of exhibitions, events, collaborations and gatherings as organisers we walk away the satisfaction of having managed to the best of our abilities a unique artistic endeavor. Being able to offer artists a space to create, converse, exhibit and experiment is a privilege not given to many. However spaces like this are few and far between, they are also hideously underfunded, mainly ignored by media and rarely given institution or commercial credibility in the existing political power structure that is the Brussels contemporary art scene.

The Internet is not my soapbox and I don't scream for revolution. I simply sow the grain of gentle encouragement to support those fellow creative organisations in their endeavor to remove “ephemeral” and “pop-up” from their mission statements.

Look around, there are lot's of empty spaces in town...

HIDDEN Partners / Sponsors:
Atrium Brussels
Cosy Village (ASBL Rue de Namur)
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

HIDDEN Artists:
Apparatus 22 / Dick & VLE / Emilie Pischedda / The Foreseen Project / Guillaume Baronnet / Lény Bernay / Lisa Lapierre / Lucas Jardin / Marc Buchy / Marion Menan / Mathieu Roquigny / Nicolas de Ribou / Nicolas Verdoncq / Parole / Niels Poiz / Pierre-Pol Lecouturier / Remy Ficheroulle / Rodolphe Coster / Sébastien DuranteSina Hensel / SonørenStan Van Steendam / Thomas Dessein / Victor Dumont