Hidden exhibition opening with Sebastien Durante & Mathieu Roquigny. Video by Yvan Megal

Posted by Undecided Productions on Saturday, 23 July 2016

For the official project launch of HIDDEN this exhibition featured a freshly placed installation by Mathieu Roquigny, a disconcerting video by Sebastien Durante and a group performance presented by ourselves at Undecided Productions.

Mathieu Roquigny observes his environment within the principle of equality; everything being evenly beautiful, serious and true. Fascinated by social norms Mathieu categorises the everyday attempting to understand modern man’s navigation through life. 1 Man 1 Jaar refers to our fascination with statistics as we obsessively measure our daily, weekly & yearly consumption. What are the repercussions of this? Wasted time? Wasted paper? One man's waste, one year...

Sebastien Duranté: "Each new project I begin requires wading; questioning the way of making and thinking of one or another artist. I like this challenge, which reminds me of the counterfeiter who has to plunge into the technique and the vision of a creator. I execute movements through various frames (in the Goffmanien’s sense), in order to play with both the status of a piece of art, and the status of the artist. The transformation, the damaged of an artistic craft, archaeological object allows an opening of fields and a movement of the borders between these various spheres.

IKEA, is a video redrawing all the stages of an intervention which consists in reproducing Audrey Hepburn’s picture sold massively in this big brand store. Reproduced in oil and reintroduced it into the store IKEA."



Installation / Video / Performance

30th of October – 4th of December, 2015

Sebastien Durante
Mathieu Roquigny

- Photography by Thomas Dessein, Roman Hayat & Flore Frederic