based in Seoul
Residency period: December, 2017

Inyoung Yeo, artist, curator and director of Art Space One spent three weeks in Hanoi’s winter to complete a research residency continuing the development of her one-year project exhibited at the Seoul Biennale 2017:

“Within the frame of rapid urban development, the purpose of this research trip is to collect visual and possibly verbal (recordings) sketches of Hanoi, as one of the fastest growing cities in South East Asia (ASEAN).

I have two focuses, structure and content. In looking at the structure is a philosophical approach by looking at the fundamental ideologies, values of Confucianism and its application in the everyday interactions, hierarchy of people in family and work environment...

Based on this, the research will further take its course with possible collaborations with a contemporary philosopher, an urban planner and an AI software developer.”