Meticulously painting outside whilst looking inside.

Nicolas Verdoncq; everything can be discovered, all is for the taking. They are hungry and thirsty for knowledge. For expression.

Nicolas' work takes its form through drawing, lithography, screen prints, photography and painting. Above all, in a digitized world that made perfection accessible to all, Nicolas defends the ideology of the mistake, one that reveals beauty and brings balance by its imperfection, through drawing in the depth of darkness in one ink and light of another. For this is how we return to the essence of things, if not their quintessence. By ignoring extravagant details, colors that obscure the essential, returning to the base of line and movement, pitting white against black, or unifying them.

Remy's paintings are visions, travels. Wanderings, experienced through the bias of little things: beyond the initial conception, what counts is the creative journey that will compose the canvas. Leaving from little Remy arrives at an ensemble, letting himself be carried away by forms, technical mishaps, daydreams.

By painting, Rémy offers an echo to the reality he wants to sublimate, highlight: here, a hand coming out of the chlorinated pool water there, a look lost on the horizon of the North Sea. Confronting everyday items and placing them on stage. Stories appear, characters meet, eyes speak. In his work, Rémy allows himself to be guided by the canvas it is the material that dictates: in creation, a dialogue is established, the accident becomes the way, the frame and the space of the canvas bend reality and incite a riddance of the superfluous to keep only the essence, pure beauty.



Painting /Photography

26th of February – 25th of March, 2016

Nicolas Verdoncq
Remy Ficheroulle