Open Street was an exhibition regrouping projects that question the potential of public space and the influence of its use on the city’s citizens. Organised as part of the project ‘Intersections of Common Space and Time’ at Space One, Seoul, it presented the works of multiply, Georgia Golebiowski, Myriem Alnet & Géraldine Borio.

Offering playful design solutions, multiply presents three urban intervention projects that encourage citizens to view their city from different perspectives. As large-scale scale development projects are offered as “sustainable” answers in the emergence of mega-cities, social interaction and time for play suffer in the rationalization of infrastructure.

This tendency becomes more and more the norm in the new city planning, however here we are concerned with the common, the daily, the human-scale and the city’s influence on our senses. These thoughts are given space with the sound installation “Xóm Hem” by Georgia Golebiowski that attempts to en-capsule and recreate the audio environment of alleyway networks in Saigon threatened by such development. And “INSIDE-OUT: A re-presentation of intimacy on common ground” by Myriem Alnet & Géraldine Borio.



Design / Urban Planning / Public Space

27th of April - 7th of May, 2018

Space One - Seoul

Georgia Golebiowski

Myriem Alnet (An Ordinary City)