PROCESS is a series of presentations organised by design collective MULTIPLY in collaboration with Undecided Productions, that focus’ on the paths creative people take during moments of production. Their explorations and discoveries are presented as moments equally as important as the final result. Here we look at that treasured moment when work and play smooch.

For the first in the series photographer Nikolaj Svennevig was presented. Originally from Denmark, Nikolaj has spent the previous few years based in Hanoi. His work, in a constant state of experimentation uses the simplest of materials and the most precious element of surprise.
By constructing his own pinhole cameras with everyday materials Nikolaj turns away from the high-tech tools that have flooded our worlds and replaced our imaginations, here we witness the basis of photography: the capturing of light on a receptive surface.
With an interest in rediscovering the guesstimate, the need for patience and the wealth of delayed surprise. Nikolaj wrestles and pokes at ideas surrounding the photographic image, leaving room for both stillness and spectacular.




Photography / Design

5th - 19th of June, 2017

Huong Ngo Art Space - Hanoi

Nikolaj Svennevig