Undecided Gallery is a dis-mountable cube used as a mobile exhibition and event space. The project is initiated by Undecided Productions, an (alas unoriginal) idea born from many many conversations, with artists, curators, musicians, writers, friends, and loved enemies. It is the result of small frustrations, of fleeting moments of anger as well as wholehearted jokes and late-night banter. 

The gallery acts as a platform for artists of all genres to showcase their work, it also liberates the organisers from the constraints of occupying a larger physical space. UG acknowledges, appropriates and adapts all of the codes and systems of a commercial contemporary gallery space, whilst remaining (literally) outside of the system. We prefer facilitation to curation and the gallery is open to all artist or curators’ project proposals or any organizational collaboration. 

At Undecided we love good art and bad jokes. We are faithful to the ephemeral, are forced into non-commitment and hold closest to our hearts the things we cannot see. 

We do things because we can. 

And for now, we smile.