A short text written about my time at the Rimbun Dahan residency in February 2017 where I enjoyed a month of research and project development housed in the folds of Malaysian greenery.  A warm thank-you to the organisation that welcomes with grace those, like myself, with bags full of questions.

Years it had been since you were there. Your life flourished and faded, cut suddenly short and openly scarred. No witness to account for, we are left with a stump.
And still you watched.
The oldest observer in the garden. You watched us all.
Some stayed for years, their concrete and steel nests blocked you view. Others, fleeting passages, of too little time to pause for tea.
A presence unnoticed.
And still you watched.

One month I had. Some days bunched together, strolling by your sides.
I came with questions and strategies. Proudly, frightfully questioning my own arrogance by throwing buckets of energy and frustration at a digital screen.
You gave me time, you gave me space.

Why do we do it?
What makes it good?
As eyes gaze from bellybutton to internet, staring at the plants can help, lie flat, read books, ask me.
Why do we do it?
What makes it good?
Maybe I need a coffee, a swim could help, did I bring mosquito repellent? If only...
Why do we do it?
What makes it good?
Answers. Answers that lead to questions that lead to thoughts that lead to delirious smiles to questions, more answers.
Keep your questions close you said.
Do not lose them.
But try.

Bloodshot eyes I run to you screaming. The dancers! They are taking over the house!
Climbing through the windows, frolicking in the lawn, the roof I say! Will it hold us all?
You smile.
For it is not the first time.
They came with questions too.