Undecided is…

A Brussels-born production house. We support all mediums of art production including visual arts, performance and music producing a variety of locally interested and internationally focused events ranging from exhibitions, workshops to parties and publications.

Undecided is…

A small group of hustlers with multiple years experience in graphic design, photography, publicity, fashion, curating and surviving.

Undecided is…

Aiming to craft a community that supports and appreciates the local arts scene by creating a platform for productions to be diffused locally and internationally. We hope to create opportunities for creative talents, nourish the Belgium scene with quality events and broaden our scope to international adventures


Undecided Productions was originally a side project attached to the cultural events agenda Undecided Magasine.  For months four friends spent many a night plotting and planning the launch of this zine. Articles were written, maquettes produced, interviews held but lo and behold and for reasons varying in legitimacy the magasine never saw the light of day.

Slowly but surely and with little resistance from my part Undecided Productions was gently placed in my hands and I came to adopt it as the name for all of my production work. My name is Elise and I am an Australian-born artist manager.  I have spent the last ten years working within a diverse number of contemporary art platforms, I dabble in project management, development and curation of wildly unique exhibition spaces in Brussels, Berlin, Montreal and Hanoi, showcasing visual, performing arts and new media. I recently co-authored the internationally distributed publication Street Art Today, and am currently developing the international residency project live.make.share based in Hanoi. Undecided has continued to grow and in 2017 became a Brussels-based registered not-for-profit (ASBL). I am happily, officially and legally allowed to not make money.

Today I work alongside and within an international network of artists, designers & creative thinkers. Undecided Productions (aka myself) has been, will be and is currently here, there and sometimes elsewhere. Join me. Undecide.



Elise Luong
Co-founder and all the rest