Form & Place was a artistic exchange project involving creators in the fields of Performance and Visual Arts. Objectives being professional development through knowledge sharing and project based research.

The first edition took place in Annecy where we were invited to occupy the Art By Friends gallery space. Two projects were presented: “Dégaine” by Victor Dumont and Marion Menan as well as “Géographie Très Relative” by Louise Devin.

The members of the group, all based in Brussels offered to share their experience and practices through the form of participative experimentation and workshops. The targeted public being local artists, students and amateur creators. We focused on an open creation environment seeking to encourage interaction and exploration of ours and others' artistic practices.

Contemporary Dance and Performance

Victor and Marion developed this new project researching the subject through academic references as well as documenting with photography, video and interview missions. They kept their research open to exterior intervention and had a small group of dancers from the local company assist them during the week. The final presentation was an installation of their various modes of research with video projections, a display of research notes and images, interview recordings, mood-boards and a continuous performance involving themselves and the dancers.

Photography and Contemporary Storytelling

Louise's participatory workshop was also a new project mixing photography, de-ambulation and story telling. Participants were asked to meet at a certain place, in this case most often the gallery. Each were to suggest a place in the town which for personal reasons was important. They then defined a route and set off together for the few hours it would take to pass by all spots.



Research / Movement / Performance / Photography / Story-telling

28th of September - 2nd of October, 2015

Art By Friends - Annecy

Louise Devin