For the second Who Is Undecided? exhibition we presented a video installation by Belgian artist and Professor Michel Couturier as well as a performance piece by Obetre.
Though as artists they have vastly different approaches to materials and production, both often explore and are concerned with similar themes. Those of human navigation in urban landscapes, use and exploitation of public space as well the place of the individual in contemporary society. Serious words, not so serious people.

Michel Couturier works mainly with the mediums of photography and video, sometimes in relation with sculpture, architecture and/or public space. Since 2001, he has been dealing with concerns of the city and its outskirts, often calling upon mythological tales and their unexpected survival in contemporary landscapes. For those who have never met him, he is also very lovely.

Obetre dips his fingers not only in performance and installation but sculpture, design, photography and video. However his roots and passion lies in the world of graffiti. Pairing his years of painting and his incredibly lovable personality, Obetre has become a well known character in the Brussel’s underground arts scene.

Who Is Undecided? is a series of pop-up exhibitions featuring artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Undecided at it’s most visual.



Video / Performance / Painting

16th of November, 2012

Café Claude - Brussels

Michel Couturier
Music by DFL (Romance Moderne)