UK fashion designer come artist Nathan French XXX exhibited for the first time in Belgium as part of the Who is Undecided? exhibition series. After completing Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, French has distanced himself from commercial design work to focus on his artistic production.

His creation of headpieces, bodices, wings and accessories do not aim to question the line between art and design rather highlighting the mystical contents of materials through manipulation and composition. For his Brussels premiere French used silhouettes, live models and installation to show his latest creations.

Who Is Undecided? is a series of pop-up exhibitions featuring artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Undecided at it’s most visual.




Fashion Design / Accessories

19th - 20th of October, 2012

Café Claude - Brussels

Nathan French
Musical support by Fady One (Zukunft, PiKniK)