RAB The Animal


'And they will take root wherever they go' is a series of works inspired by 'surreal' pieces in everyday life, mostly based on nature or the faded and damaged roots of current products. era that Rab often observes in urban areas.

The series explores the relationship and information overload aspects of Rab's interests. In addition to exploiting the aspect of 'fairy tales' in the information age, Rab wants through this series of works to tell a simple idea about love, about how love will always creep into every corner of the land. hey, to 'take root' and grow.

After the first series of paintings focusing on Acrylic color, Rab wanted to expand the materials for her works, especially returning to the origin of most of the visual elements she was working on: roots and soil. She wants to learn about the relationships surrounding this material, focusing on exploiting its inherent intimacy.

Bui Bao Tram (Rab), a multimedia artist and art manager, lives and works in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. As a self-taught
artist, she's in the early stages of her career. Rab's practices often revolve around relationships, memories, and
the 'myth' of reality which reflects herself as a part of the generation that was born in an information-overloaded

In addition to her practices, Rab has interested in Public Art and aims to support the Experimental art community.
She's the co-founder of Insomaniaction Collective - an independent collective that explores cross-disciplinary
practices and develops projects (experimental in focus) that inspire the local art community.

RAB The Animal

based in Ho Chi Minh City
Residency period: June / July 2023

sống và làm việc tại TP Hồ Chí Minh
Thời hạn lưu trú: Tháng 06 / 07 2023