Recipes For Life is a small publication gathering the stories and experiences of a random selection of people. It can be read as a collection of unrelated anecdotes or a self-help book for the very desperate.

Some recipes are practical and food related (How To Boil a Chicken), some speak of universal experience (Recipe For a Broken Heart), others are laced with sadness (Recipe for Discovering Your Boyfriend's a Gangster) and definitely not recommended to replicate: Recipe for Getting Your US Visa Denied, Recipe For Quitting a Job that Never Existed, Recipe For Dealing With Your Drunken Girlfriend as She Stumbles Into Your Apartment at 2AM...

The publication can be lovingly dedicated and posted to you for the small price of 10USD (plus postage from Hanoi), all profit (ha!) goes to keeping the Undecided Productions dream alive and gluttonous. If you can guess the password the full pages can be viewed HERE.
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Cooking / Writing / Life


Concept by Elise Luong
Contributors: Tim, Patty, Sylvie, Jade, Latif, Mumu, James, Karyne, Roman, Majken, Fabio, Khairunnisa, Gatari, Victor, Kaitlin, Diego, Mia, Mum, Daniel, Harry, Francesco, Linh, Bonnie and Sarah


Self-published: March, 2020
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